Current Location: The North End, Boston’s Little Italy

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This time yesterday I was boarding a plane from Denver to Massachusetts. Today I am ¬†sitting in my boyfriend’s brick-walled apartment nestled in between the the North End’s charming cobblestone downtown and Boston’s Harbor.

Photo Credit: J.M.

While he was at work, I stayed sleeping until just about noon! Despite my temporary laziness, I was quick to throw on an outfit (compliments of his closet) and some comfortable walking shoes. The subway, although foreign to me, is the primary means of transportation in this bustling city. Parking seems impossible – bumper to bumper with limited spaces. So, I hide my touristness and pretend I know exactly where I am headed. With a quick and desperate text to Lowell, I managed to disembark from the ever so crowded “T” at just the right stop: Newbury Street. Full of girly boutiques, outside patio dining, rustic bookstores and eclectic cafes, pampering day spas and ivy laced homes, Newbury invites the diverse crowd of Bostonians and visiting fashion-forward excursionists to a day’s worth of absolute delightfulness!

On tonight’s agenda? Takeout pizza from an Italian restaurant down the street and a bottle of wine from The Wine Bottega next-door.

I promise to post pictures so soon!


Wrap It Up

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Although traditionally a winter accessory, scarves that are long and lightweight can also contribute to a summer day ensemble. If you are sporting nothing but a tee and jeans, throw on a scarf to instantly add some color and flare to your outfit.

I have quite the collection…

Wish List Shopping

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Every time I walk into Anthropologie I have visions of my future apartment: floral aprons, checkered table cloths, canvas totes hanging on a bronzed mirror’s hooks, jasmine-scented candles, collaged photo frames, vintage bedding, framed artwork, stacks of creative recipe books, and collections of striped stationary. Just as soon as I move out of my current college living quarters… right?

Photo Credit:

And then once my house is finished, I myself will be also be fashionably adorned in their printed silk dresses and eyelet blazers, skinny indigo jeans and beach-bound blouses.

Baby Love

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Dear Cashill,

I know you are only 4 months old and cannot yet read my note but I am writing to tell you that I think you are the most precious boy in all of the world. I love you every day.

Kissing you,


Take Me Home, Country Road

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I was walking the city streets in my cowboy boots earlier this year. When I was a little girl I wore red cowboy boots with my school’s plaid uniform. All the other kids wore loafers. In every picture from kindergarten I am standing a mere 3 inches taller than my friends. I’m in the sandbox digging for treasures, on the swings, dancing around the picnic tables with my egg-salad sandwich, waiting for my dad to pick me up – all in my red boots. I miss this.

Mostly (My Love)

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Vased flowers. Sunflowers.

(In Love)

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The smell of concrete after it rains.

Sharp, colored pencils.

Live music.


Sleeping with the windows open. Windows.

Candles in the shower.

Oolong tea.

The beach.

Dessert. Carrot cake cupcakes.

My bike.


Polka-dot coffee mugs.

Pillows on my bed. Clean sheets.


Telephone poles.

Post cards from far away.


Glass bottles.

The travel section of the New York Times.

Potted plants on a window sill.


Oversized sunglasses.

Multi-level bookstores.

Long, gold necklaces.

Tree swings.

Blackberry pie.

Diners (with Lowell).

Popcorn at the movies.


The south of France.

Exposed brick wall.

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