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Sequins, Red Lips, and Pumps

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Unfortunately I am still recovering from an eye surgery performed last week. As luck would have it, I developed an allergic reaction to the anesthesia (or so the doctors purpose). I was in the emergency room all weekend. Aside from being strapped to a barred bed, pricked by IVs, and prodded by nurses, I did manage to come out alive. Upon hearing about the weekend’s events, my photography teacher passed along a few more shots from a recent shoot. I thought it’d be impossible to smile with just one eyeball, but the ol’ man proved me wrong!

Leopard in June

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I’ve recently adopted leopard print as my new black. Despite the warm temperatures, I managed to sport this faux fur jacket in the studio (for all of ten minutes). We had a day of creative photography in which I mastered the use of studio lighting. While listening to music from The Righteous Brothers and The Drifters and dancing in front of the grey backdrop paper wearing red lipstick and sky-high heels, I posed for a few fashion-based photos.

Photo Credit: Don Oberbeck

Color: Yellow

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I typically do not pay the color yellow enough attention, but instead disregard it in favor of dark purple hughes, forest greens, vibrant corals, and rich navy’s. However, yesterday my camera was attracted to the warming shade. The yellow accents in my day only complimented the abundant sunshine.

Beach Boutique

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Summer means bright colors, eclectic prints, and colorful accessories. I’ve put together a collection of my favorite pieces for this season. Hopefully Colorado’s sunshine will return and I can take my polka-dotted bikini poolside.

1. AA Poly Canvas Bow Hair Clip in Red, $14.00

2. Anthropologie Coined Clutch, $128.00

3. Topshop Navy Polka Dot Frill Halter Neck Bikini, $60.00

4. Paige Premium Denim ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ Short, $129.00

5. Juicy Coutoure Lurex Striped Straw Hat, $78.00

6. Christian Louboutin Ankle-Wrap Platform Sandal, $995.00



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‘Change your thoughts and you change your world.’ – Norman Vincent Peale

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I have a tendency to relish in Sunday morning’s slow pace. Waking up at noon is totally acceptable on a Sunday. This morning afternoon, I slipped on a bathing suit (just because I could) underneath a pair of denim shorts and took off on my bike for downtown. As always, festivities were ongoing as a homeless man sang me a Beatles song on the sidewalk and an older woman complimented me on my turquoise earrings while simultaneously applying face paint to a young girl. After celebrating the San Francisco Giants’ win over the Colorado Rockies, I was lucky enough to participate in a non-profit program dedicated to, well, making people smile. Together we constructed signs from cardboard painted in bright colors broadcasting expressions we hoped to pass on. The amount of responses received from the passerby audience was more than we thought possible. I will fall asleep a happy person tonight.

Good weekend? Good weekend.

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