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I’ll be happy, too.

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Life seems to be testing my good graces lately. With that, I am having to remind myself to smile, frequent the beach and turn my music up real loud. I am learning to step back, get back, and fight back. Meanwhile I’ve got my camera slung around my neck – for those smile moments (that sometimes feel all too rare).

Appreciating the beauty right down the street,


Go do something creative!

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Friday’s Wear

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Peach + purple + plaid.

This Friday was a long time coming. The week has been undoubtedly stressful, but all so exciting; in just a few days I will be starting a new job! With that, I will have to rummage through my closet for office-appropriate attire, still keeping in mind and maintaining my eclectic edge, of course. I will be sure to document in photos, per usual. Enjoy your weekend readers!







Valentine’s Day Printables

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Walnut Paperie has put together a set of printable Valentine’s… all for FREE! Check them out here. I crafted several in just a half hour. Now I have one to give to my main man, my roommate, my neighbor, maybe even the mailman! Xoxo.

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I love photographs. I often like to post my day’s collection of shots simply as a means of making my readers smile. Sometimes they even make me laugh (see an outdated photo below), some I share because it’s fitting to the season (check out the recent cherry blossoms), and some I share just because (note the Bronco). Regardless, I hope you enjoy!

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“From my experience, you can’t wait around to find what you love. You gotta work your ass off. And then you find what you love by doing piles and piles of work.”
– Kate Bingaman Burt